Calling for a policy framework to support SMEs


(Brussels, 20 November 2017) At an event hosted this afternoon at the European Parliament to mark the beginning of the European SME Week, FoodDrinkEurope launched a White Paper with specific policy recommendations to mark the second phase of the “Small Scale, Big Impact” initiative. The project, launched last year, highlights the key role Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises play in Europe’s food and drink sector, where they make up 99% of businesses.

Frans Egberts, FoodDrinkEurope Vice-President said: “With the support of the European Parliament and working together with the Commission, a new policy framework can and should be put in place, which will help Europe’s SMEs grow by cutting red tape, facilitating access to finance, improving access to third country markets, supporting skills acquisition, encouraging R&D investment and improving supply chain relationships across the food and drink sector.”

“We must not forget that, while these companies stand for cultural heritage and regional traditions, they also represent future youth employers, growth opportunities and innovation” added Egberts. “For all the above to happen, a well-functioning Single Market is needed which will continue making a wider variety of food and drink products accessible to all consumers across EU Member States”

The White Paper was presented to participants on the occasion of a gathering of SMEs from different countries, nominated by MEPs FoodDrinkEurope had invited to select from their region. Product sampling and meetings with the food and drink producers provided an opportunity for direct exchanges.

Click here to download the White Paper.

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Download the press release ( pdf - 391KB )