FoodDrinkEurope Statement on Biofuels


(Brussels, 9 January 2018) FoodDrinkEurope supports the “food first” principle in the biofuels debate. Renewable energy policy should pay particular attention to the availability of agricultural raw materials, in terms of quality, quantity and prices, for the production of food. In this respect, the use of biofuels should not decrease the availability of food crops for food production.

FoodDrinkEurope* supports the Commission’s proposal for a cap on biofuels produced from food crops, as an appropriate way to address the “food first” principle and indirect land use change.

FoodDrinkEurope supports the development of alternative renewable energy sources to decarbonise the transport sector, such as advanced biofuels and renewable electricity, which do not compete with food markets and provide higher greenhouse gas emission savings.


* With the exception of CEFS, the European Committee of Sugar Manufacturers

Download the statement ( pdf - 301KB )