Now is the time for action to combat unfair trading practices


(Brussels, 5th March 2018) The EU needs a fair, transparent, equitable and sustainable food supply chain that can benefit all actors in this chain including consumers.

In recent years the European Institutions have produced and adopted a number of reports and opinions of which the most relevant are:

The members of the signatory organisations believe that enough papers, consultations, reports and discussions on the subject of unfair trading practices have been produced.

Now is the time for the European Commission to assume its responsibilities and propose legislation to combat unfair trading practices.

We also call upon the co-legislators – the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament – to jointly work on the Commission’s proposal for legislation and ensure its timely adoption.

Now is the time to act to protect the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our food supply chain, strengthening Europe’s competitiveness and growth to build a stronger and more inclusive Europe.

Download the joint statement ( pdf - 382KB )