Promoting balanced diets and healthy lifestyles

In today’s fast-developing society, changing eating habits and increasingly sendentary lifestyles have contributed to growing levels of obesity and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the European and global population. As one of the key stakeholders, FoodDrinkEurope – representing Europe’s diverse food and drink industry – has committed itself to play its part in contributing to tackle these challenges by promoting balanced healthy diets and lifestyles.

Marketing communications

Marketing Communications

FoodDrinkEurope has encouraged its members to develop marketing communications which support parents in their efforts to promote healthy lifestyles to their children, and which are both responsible in terms of content and the products advertised.

The food and drink industry recognises that there is no one single method that can effectively address the various facets of the complex issue of obesity and that an integrated, multi-tiered approach is necessary. Industry seeks to effectively combine different regulatory and self-regulatory structures and ‘layers’ of rules. Each ‘layer’ must be independently monitored to ensure accountability and trust among all stakeholders. A number of different ‘layers’ combine to ensure responsible marketing communications across the EU.

Policy Framework

In Europe, rules on marketing communications are mainly set by the European Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMSD). This establishes common quantitative and qualitative rules on advertising. The Directive serves essentially two purposes:
1. to set clear fundamental rules that prevent misleading advertising; and
2. to recognize, facilitate and encourage self-regulatory systems as the prime vehicle with which to ensure advertising standards.

The EU Regulation on nutrition and health claims also stipulates rules on claims used in the labelling and advertising of foods and drinks.

In addition, national and European self-regulatory frameworks complement the regulatory framework to ensure that marketing communications are legal, decent, honest and truthful.

FoodDrinkEurope Actions

The next tabs in this section provide a flavour of the initiatives FoodDrinkEurope members are undertaking on a voluntary basis to support marketing communications.