Promoting balanced diets and healthy lifestyles

In today’s fast-developing society, changing eating habits and increasingly sendentary lifestyles have contributed to growing levels of obesity and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) in the European and global population. As one of the key stakeholders, FoodDrinkEurope – representing Europe’s diverse food and drink industry – has committed itself to play its part in contributing to tackle these challenges by promoting balanced healthy diets and lifestyles.

Reformulation & innovation

Reformulation and Innovation

Consumers who are given a choice are making healthier food choices than they used to. The food and drink industry is delivering increased choice to help consumers make appropriate food choices to suit their individual needs. The results are new, fortified and reformulated products in a greater variety of serving sizes that make it easier for European citizens to make healthy dietary choices.

One of the key FoodDrinkEurope commitments to the EU Platform is to optimise the nutritional content when reformulating existing or innovating new products, whenever relevant and possible.

It is a challenge to change a product’s ingredients while maintaining the taste that consumers have come to love and expect. However, the food industry is committed to meeting consumers’ tastes and needs, using existing scientific knowledge and technological expertise to produce safe, enjoyable, good tasting, nutritious foods.

Policy Framework

As part of the Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity Related Health Issues, the High-Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity adopted in February 2011 an EU Framework for National Initiatives on Selected Nutrients. Moreover, self-regulatory initiatives on reformulation and innovation are ongoing in the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health – see below.

EU Regulation 1925/2011 sets out the rules for the addition of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and other substances) in foods, also known as fortification. Amongst others, the Regulation establishes a list of vitamins and minerals which are authorised to be added to foods and regulates the labelling thereof.    

FoodDrinkEurope Actions

The next tabs in this section provide a flavour of the actions FoodDrinkEurope and its members are undertaking on a voluntary basis in the areas of reformulation and innovation in the context of the EU Platform.