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In 2015, Europe’s food and drink industry exported approximately €98billion worth of products to non-EU countries and registered a positive trade surplus of €25 billion. The industry is dedicated to delivering safe, high quality, innovative products to over 500 million consumers in the EU and many more across the world. Today, European food products are exported to nearly 200 countries worldwide.

To stimulate trade in Europe’s food and drink products further and benefit from the growing international demand,FoodDrinkEurope calls for a consistent EU trade policy which supports the growth of a sustainable food and drink industry.

This should include, amongst others:
- a continuous commitment to the multilateral trading system
- in the absence of a multilateral agreement, for the EU to seize market opportunities by means of ambitious and balanced bilateral trade negotiations with key partners
- recognition of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) specificities to increase SMEs ability to enter international markets

In today’s economic context and increasingly globalised world, trade agreements with key partners and improved access to growth markets is considered a pragmatic way forward to increase competitiveness and exports.